Are you bored with your current hairstyle and looking for 2023’s hair trends? Are you ready for a fresh, trendy haircut that will shake things up this new year? Are you a hairstylist who is looking for inspiration for your customers’ makeovers in 2023?

The trendiest haircuts of 2023 are:

  • Blunt chops without layers
  • Medium neck-length bobs
  • Shorter pixies
  • One-length haircuts
  • Modern shags
  • Textured haircuts
  • Bangs

For color trends, it will be mixing highlights with ombre, soft baby lights, colored streaks, red shades, two-tone duos, and solid colors.

Here are the hottest cuts for 2023:

  1. Tousled lob haircut. It has a glamorous edge that a crop gives, but with the flexibility of longer locks.
  2. Curtain bangs and shag haircut. Bangs are on trend, so try a shag with curtain bangs. Try clip-in bangs first before you make a final decision.
  3. Wavy cut with curtain bangs. This is a charming hairstyle for women of any age. The face-framing bangs make your cheekbones more protruding while elongating your face. Shoulder-length layered waves contribute to the look.
  4. Textured haircut. This is the fastest way to style a bob – make it a bit messy and tousled. Take advantage of your short bob without the high maintenance.
  5. Lob with face-framing bangs. A voluminous bob looks so charming with long face-framing bangs. Add some highlights to your dark brown hair for a lively, romantic look.
  6. Center-parted medium hair. This draws attention to your facial features. If you have a round face, you can shift the parting to any side of your face.
  7. Long brunette shag with highlights. If your hair is past your shoulder, opt to get this cut with long-side bangs. This cut is also low-maintenance. The layers add volume to your hair, and you can part it in any way that suits your face shape.
  8. Razored brunette comb over bob. Have a deep side-parted lob. This is easy to style at home, especially if you have wavy hair.
  9. Medium one-length haircut. This is a great choice if you want to make updos.
  10. Wispy bangs for medium hair. This gives you a different look without making any major changes to your hair length.
  11. Soft shoulderlength shag. The layered fringes are swept backward. Add some color for a fresh look.
  12. Collarbone razored feathered bob. This is a medium-long bob that is effortless chic. You can add curtain bangs to soften the features.
  13. Layers and highlights. Get soft, highlighted layers if you’re not yet ready for new colors and haircuts.
  14. Twotier inverted bob. This chic and sassy style is short in the back, with elongated front pieces tapered at the ends.
  15. Fun medium messy shag. This is a slightly frizzy, tousled look of your wavy hair with a proper cut.
  16. A medium haircut with shaggy layers. Your rich brown mane needs natural-looking layers to keep it light and voluminous. A curling iron can generate large waves that last several days.
  17. Shoulderlength shag for thick hair. The wavy shag is a trouble-free haircut that is both elegant and fun.
  18. Messy shag with balayage. Mix caramel and vanilla for balayage highlights. Cut a shag with messy waves and curtain bangs to add sass.
  19. Textured cut for thick hair. The best way to add volume to your medium-length hair is by highlighting. Vary light and dark shades to add dimension to your mane.
  20. Stunning messy lob with money pieces. Bleached waves look natural and carefree on this messy lob. Add wispy layers and sliced ends as if the wind has ruffled the hair.
  21. Shag with piece-y bangs. Pearl blonde highlights with a comfortable length will give you different styling ideas.
  22. Gorgeous side-parted shaggy bob. Messy bobs provide a flattering shape to your face and enough length for ombre or balayage hair ideas.
  23. Long bob with choppy ends. Add caramel highlights and face-framing waves that you can style the way that suits you best.
  24. Beachy waves with ombre. This is a universal style for any season or setting. Tousled blonde curls never go out of style, and always look effortless. Add a subtle ombre to complete your look.
  25. Lob hairstyle with warm highlights. This will flatter you especially if you have a tan. The cut frames your face nicely, while caramel blonde highlights will make you ready for any event.
  26. Teased edgy bob. Switch your neutral colors and straight lines to a bob with root lift and shaggy layers.
  27. Bedhead blunt bob. If you don’t have the time, go for this low-maintenance cut. It’s a choppy, straight-out-of-bed haircut with blunt ends.
  28. Below-the-shoulders textured haircut. This fits any style that can have texture and golden highlights for an overall glow.
  29. Straight blunt haircut with long curtain bangs. The classiest minimalist hairstyle that is sleek and straight. This reflects light nicely and is smooth to the touch. Try this hairstyle if you want to grow your bangs out.
  30. Choppy ash blonde lob. The uneven long bob is low maintenance. Add a smokey lighter shade of blonde to show your cool side.
  31. Straight layered lob. A straightened lob with face-framing layers does not take time to style.
  32. The French bob. This short and sophisticated cut gives an edge and is becoming a huge trend this year.
  33. Medium-length beach waves. Cut locks in layers to create beach waves and add volume to your hair.
  34. Straight collarbone bob. If you’re tired of your long hair, have this bob and refresh your look while bringing your hair back to life.
  35. The classic blonde haircut. It’s a provocative but simple longer cut with a traditional side parting with shadow roots.
  36. Chest-length wavy haircut. Adding a full fringe to your long hair will give your mane a new fresh vibe.
  37. Two-tone messy bob. Your medium-length hair can use a side parting of your long bangs with a disheveled texture.
  38. Shaggy bob haircut with bangs. Cheeky bangs with a shaggy hairstyle create a balanced look.
  39. Medium bob with long parted bangs. A blunt neck-length bob curled under the ends creates a beautiful, casual look.
  40. Pixie bob. This is a cut between trendy bobs and short pixies. You’ll have a super short cut with a longer length on top.

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