Hair extensions are the answer to adding thickness and volume at the ends of your hair. Hair extensions are suitable for any hair type, whether long or short, straight or curly. Clip-in hair extensions are the most common type of hair extensions. They help your hair look fuller and voluminous. In today’s article, we take you through the 10 ways to style clip-in hair extensions for more volume.

Voluminous Lob

Start with dry, freshly washed hair and clip in your hair extension toward the bottom of your head. Take an extension and clip it into the back of your head, then place another on top. Place a set of two clips on each side, right behind your ears. After securely clipping in your extensions, use hairdresser scissors to blend perfectly with natural hair. Apply some root-lifting spray for texture and volume. Spray just above the hair extensions. You should start seeing increased volume. You can add a few curls to your hair with a curling iron for a more advanced style.

Glamourous Retro Waves

For this style, start with wet hair. Apply styling gel and let your hair air dry. When your hair is slightly damp, start styling. Divide your hair into three parts, then into smaller sections to match the size of your rollers. The bigger the roller, the more the volume. Hold a section of hair out straight, then roll the ends inward toward the roller. Repeat until all sections are securely in place with rollers. Let your hair sit for twenty minutes.

Sweet Side Braid

Start by using a curling iron on your natural to add loose waves. The spray locks with a heat protectant spray to minimize heat damage. Bring your hair to one side of your head, divide it at the temple and securely clip in a weft with three clips. Take a section of hair from the top and tie it into a ponytail with elastic. Make a little hole in the elastic, flip the ponytail and bring hair through the hole. This will form the top part of the brain. Create another ponytail from the other side of your head and make another top tail. Repeat until you have three to four top tails from the temple of the ear. Secure a three-clip weft at the roots and bring all of your remaining hair together, and braid it into a fishtail. Secure the bottom with elastic.

Bouncy Blow Out

You can use volumizing shampoo and conditioner to achieve a bouncy blowout. After prepping, washing, and clipping in your extensions, apply thickening or volumizing spray to help lift up the hair roots. Then mist your entire head with texturizing spray and turn on the blow-dryer. Blow your hair upside down for great volume. When your hair is almost dry, use a round brush. Starting with the root of your hair, blow drying as you brush toward the end of your hair. Pull the brush back toward the roots once you reach the end. You can blast some cold air to keep the lock in frizz-free volume.

Bob with Curtain Bangs

If you fancy the lob, you can spice it up with a fun set of curtain bangs. These wispy bangs go back to the ’60 and ’90s. They are parted in the middle and swept to each side of the face like curtains. The angled bangs are shorter in the center and longer on the sides, making the eyes pop. To pump up the volume in the curtain bang lob, use a blow dryer to blow dry wet bangs on both sides until around 50 percent dry. Then part them down in the middle and wrap the hair around your round brush.

1970’s Shag

This style is known for its choppy layers, bangs, and wild texture. The layered haircut has a natural way of volumizing effect and is low maintenance. If you have curly or wavy hair, apply a curl cream and let it air dry to play up your natural texture. If you have straight hair, add styling gel to damp hair before blow-drying. Scrunching your hair upwards while blow drying increases the volume. Clip-in hair extensions will allow you to play around with length and mix things up with whatever shag style you have.

High Volume Pony Tail

You can achieve a high-volume ponytail with clip-in hair extensions. Start by sectioning your hair to apply your extensions as usual. Instead of clipping the upright, flick the extensions over and apply the ‘upside-down’. This tip will make the style more comfortable to hold.

Hollywood Waves

For this style, part the hair to the side and blow dry smoothly using a round brush. Next, use a 1-inch barrel tong to curl and then pin and cool for ten minutes. Brush your hair downwards in small sections to loosen the curls. Keep your waves smooth and shiny all day long by finishing off the style with a light layer of spray.

Beachy Waves with Center Part

Start with dry hair and apply heat protectant spray before using a 1.5-inch curling wand over the hair. Curl hair in different directions to achieve that signature messy and tousled waves. Once you are done curling all your hair, finish with some texturing spray to add more volume and give you that beach vacation look.

Half-up, Half-down

This style is perfect for concealing greasy second-day hair and transitions from day to night. Plus, they add volume. To achieve this style, clip in your favorite hair extensions and then pin up half of your hair with a clip or elastic. Tease hair on top into a high crown for a statement half-up style.

In conclusion, these are the 10 ways you can style your clip-in hair extensions. Are you looking for hair extension experts in New Jersey? Look no further than Beautiful Revenge Salon. We are highly dedicated to making you look and feel your best. Talk to our experts today and get the best hair extensions in New Jersey.