With the number of hair salons coming up every day, hair must be a great treasure for most people. While your hair reflects your personality, hair also serves a range of other benefits such as femininity, identity, beauty, liberation, and freedom.

People invest in hair products for easier management to keep the hair healthy and constantly growing while minimizing hair loss. Besides, a hair salon offers a range of hairstyles and treatments to help you manage and rock your hair with pride and confidence.

Haircutting and hair coloring are increasingly popular trends, and you probably don’t know why. There are several reasons why people cut and color their hair.

  • To keep up with trendy hairstyles
  • To mark the end of a romantic relationship
  • Due to medical conditions that cause hair loss
  • To mark new beginnings
  • When stressed or upset
  • For curiosity
  • Reasons for Hair Coloring
  • To recharge
  • To match your skin tone
  • After a haircut
  • To cover grays
  • To add texture
  • To enjoy the seasonal hair trends
  • It is suitable for your natural or already colored hair

Common Mistakes to Avoid During Haircutting

Hair is an adventurous journey with different phases – perming, braiding, coloring, chopping, letting it grow, and chopping it repeatedly. However, it would help if you stayed wary of some possible risks that are likely to occur as you enjoy the adventurous hair journey.

Some of these mistakes may occur during hair cutting and can result in irreparable damage. The next time you plan for a big chop, be cautious about the following errors:

Going Too Long Without a Cut

Hairstylists recommend regular haircuts for several reasons, including eliminating split ends. Unknown to most people, cutting your hair regularly promotes faster and healthier growth. You can have this done professionally at a hair salon in Westwood.

Making Instant Hair Cutting Decisions

Emotions can quickly push you into cutting your hair. However, it is advisable to wait until you calm down before cutting your hair in such cases. You may be feeling upset or disappointed for various reasons – emotions can push you towards a haircut – and eventually, you are likely to regret it. Hair grows back, but after a long time. Never make such massive changes while under the influence of emotions.

Giving Your Stylist Free Reign

While some clients take time to think about the haircut they want, others give their stylist free will to do what they feel is best. Don’t be the latter, especially if you don’t trust them. Research about what you want and guide the stylist through it. You are in charge of your hair, head, and looks – don’t delegate the task to someone else.

Assuming the Stylist Remembers

Always remind your stylist about anything special – quirks and complications — they should know. It is better to be vocal and safe than silent and sorry. It doesn’t matter whether it is the first time working with the stylist or the 100th; reminders are crucial.

Trying to DIY

Trying to cut your hair by yourself is the biggest mistake you can make, whether you are a professional or not. Every face shape is different, and working on your own head is tougher. Always find a specialist such as a salon in Westwood for the best haircut results, especially with bangs.

You should also avoid fighting the flow and over-styling your hair when cutting your hair. If you identify something wrong during the process, don’t keep quiet – voice it out. Besides, it would be best if you weren’t afraid to switch up to new styles for different results.

Mistakes to Avoid During Hair Coloring

As mentioned above, people color their hair for different reasons. Regardless of the reasons why you choose to color your hair, it would help if you were wary of some common mistakes as outlined below:

Starting with Super Clean Hair

It is advisable to keep your hair a little ‘dirty’ before the coloring day. Don’t wash off the oil in your hair and scalp to prevent stinging and irritation during the coloring process.

Making a Drastic Dying Decision

When coloring at home, it is advisable to stick to a change of one or two shades darker or lighter. Suppose you are thinking of more dramatic changes; find a professional to handle the job for safety and efficiency.

Trying to Match Your Brows

It may be tempting to match your brows and hair color. However, it is dangerous – hair color is not safe for use close to your eyes. Besides, the brow and head hair aren’t the same, so they won’t end up in the same color even after using the same dye.

Not Leaving the Dye Long Enough

People with resistant grays should conduct a strand test to determine the desired color’s time frame. The test saves you from the frustration and disappointment of completing the whole coloring process only to realize that the results are not as expected.

Deviating from the Directions

When coloring your hair, you must follow the instructions carefully, especially at the rinsing stage – first, add water before forming a lather, as most brands recommend. Doing so helps spread the color and makes it easier to rinse out. Skipping the instructions can leave some dye in your hair which becomes hard to remove.

Overdoing the Grays

If your hair is less than 30% gray, you should consider semi-permanent color – it is the most effective for the stated gray concentration. Besides, it is also less damaging and can improve your hair’s smoothness and shine. Colors with neutral or natural in their names offer a wider spectrum of shades to manage your grays.

Using Only One Color

Unknown to many people, using two different shades when DIYing creates more natural results. The dreaded wig effect occurs after repetitive use of permanent color, which causes ammonia build-up on the hair strands – extra porous and oversaturated hair pigments.

Haircutting and coloring are crucial hair changes whose effects last over a long time frame. So, it would be great to remain cautious throughout the entire process for the best and most satisfactory results. Any slight error significantly impacts the outcome of the process and, eventually, your final look and confidence.

Besides the above mistakes that you should avoid, it is also advisable to research and remain knowledgeable about the hair cutting and coloring procedures. It keeps you in control of your head and hair. You can get professional service at a registered hair salon in Westwood.