Hair Extensions

Achieve Your Dream Look

When it comes to hair extensions, it helps to clearly understand the different available types. The two most popular types of hair extensions are temporary and permanent. Temporary hair extensions are typically made from human or synthetic hair and are clipped in or tied in with the natural hair. Permanent hair extensions are usually made from human hair and are sewn, braided, glued, or fused with natural hair. But one might wonder, should I do permanent or temporary hair extensions?

Permanent Hair Extensions Vs. Clip-in Hair Extensions

Permanent hair extensions have the following benefits:

Natural Looking-Invisible, Soft, and Little Maintenance

Permanent hair extensions are fused with your natural hair to bring an invisible appearance with a soft-to-the-touch feeling that requires little maintenance. The major difference between a wig and a hair extension is the look, feel, hair type, and longevity. The goal is to have an extension for your hair that is undetectable.

Customized Looks

Hair extensions come in various lengths and colors, up to 27-inch lengths. Color and texture matching can easily be performed to work with blondes and brunettes, as well as redheads depending on the coloring you want to achieve. Indeed, clip-on hair often comes in different colors, but it’s far from being custom.


If you love your hair, you probably spend a lot of time brushing, blow drying, and styling it to make it look its best. With results lasting up to six months, permanent hair extensions are meant for anyone who wants to change.

Clip-in (Temporary) Hair Extensions

Clip-on hair extensions are sold at almost every beauty store. They promise to bring about natural hair by just snapping them in. Beautiful Revenge Salon offers clip-in extensions. However, we believe that they are not meant for everyone. Compared to the benefits of permanent hair extensions above, you might consider having a permanent hair extension.

Permanent Hair Extensions Vs. Clip-in Hair Extensions

Washing Your Hair

Take extra time to soak your hair little by little, applying high-quality shampoo going down the ends. Do not yank, pull or be too rough when cleaning your hair to prevent the extensions from wearing down. To dry your hair, just pat it dry.


Buy a high-quality leave-on conditioner. The most important thing is to keep your hair healthy and soft through a good supply of nutrients. You can buy a nice spray-on conditioner which you can use once you get out of the shower. Hair extension spillage occurs through repetition when harsh chemicals are rubbed into the roots.


First, you will need a wide paddle to brush with soft bristles. Stay away from fusion bonds altogether during brushing. Start at the bottom of the hair, using gentle down motion strokes, making your way towards the top.

These are some benefits and tips about hair extensions. At Beautiful Revenge Salon, we are dedicated to helping you get your desired look. Visit our salon today to get the best hair extensions in New Jersey.