It is interesting how everyone in the modern world boasts long and gorgeous hair, leaving you wondering how you are the only one with ineffective hair genes. Unbelievably, you can also rock the great hair you dream of regardless of your hair genes.

Hair extensions are the secret ingredient you have been missing. Not everyone you see has great natural hair. Some choose hair extensions to live their dreams, which you should equally do if struggling. Besides being fashionable, hair extensions are also increasingly popular worldwide, as they provide instant transformation, allow your hair to grow underneath, and hold your curls in place for longer.

If you want to try our hair extensions in New Jersey for the first time or are looking to learn more about the trend, here are some of the myths you should know as you embark on the journey.

Hair Extensions Break, Thin, and Damage Your Hair

The myth that hair extensions will leave your hair broken, damaged, and thin isn’t true – mainly permanent ones that use glue, clamps, and heat for installation. However, these extensions are among the safest hair treatments and styles, which you only wear for a few hours and remove when going into the shower or bed.

Besides, they can also be worn daily without any effects if you wear them right and ensure proper care and maintenance. Moreover, various application techniques, including tape-ins, fusion clip-ins, and microbeads, effectively ensure longer and thicker hair.

Hair Extensions Won’t Blend In

There is a common belief that hair extensions can be difficult to blend into your hair – which is a lie. However, you must ensure that you select the right set of hair extensions that complement your hair type and commit yourself to effectively styling and clipping them in for seamless results.

If you find challenges in styling and clipping in your extensions, you can practice with YouTube videos, and eventually, you will be perfect. Choosing an unsuitable weight can also result in a poor blend of your natural hair and extensions. Therefore, you must consider the types and weight of the hair extensions and your hair type when selecting the pieces.

The Hair Extension Tracks Will Show

Wearing hair extensions, for most people, is a little secret that they would love to keep to themselves and stay safe from embarrassment. Therefore, the last thing to do is to show up with a rogue weft extension that is poorly clipped and blended – giving away your secret.

The trick is ensuring that the extension is neatly clipped in and blended with the natural hair to avoid such embarrassment – ensure that the extension is discreetly hidden in the ‘safe’ zone – below the eyebrow line, leaving enough hair to cover the wefts.

Hair extensions are an artificial way to enjoy long, gorgeous, and healthy hair, regardless of the state of your natural hair. Despite the ongoing myths about these extensions, millions of women still rock these pieces without fear or shame.

If you struggle with natural hair, this is your chance to shine and stay confident. To get started with hair extensions in New Jersey, visit us at 251 Westwood Ave, Westwood, NJ 07675, or book an appointment.