Beautiful Revenge Salon has lash technicians and specialists who can revamp your lash architecture by providing lash lift, lash tint, or strip lash application, depending on your preference. If you are looking for lash lift service in New Jersey, schedule an appointment with Beautiful Revenge Salon for exemplary services.

Lash Lift

A lash lift is a non-invasive procedure that involves applying the perming solution, neutralizer, and tint to the lashes. A lash lift gives a natural appearance of full and thick eyelashes. No extensions or chemicals are added to the lashes, and the method is semi-permanent. The lash technician will place a silicon pad on the eyelids and then comb the lashes upwards before applying the perm solution, neutralizer, and tint. After 45-60 minutes, the lashes appear fuller, darker, and beautifully curved.

The cost of a lash lift in salons in New Jersey varies, with new salons offering relatively lower prices. At Beautiful Revenge Salon, a lash lift costs $120, and the price ranges from $100 to $170 in salons around New Jersey. At $120, you will receive a professional lash lift service in New Jersey from qualified professionals at Beautiful Revenge Salon. You may wonder whether the procedure is worth the value. The procedure saves you time used for putting on a facelift, giving you a natural, low-effort lush appearance, thus worth every cent.

The downside of the procedure is that you might have to close your eyes for nearly an hour, leading to blurred vision. The results may not be as appealing as anticipated if you have naturally curved lashes. Finally, the process can cause irritability in people with sensitive eyes. If you have sensitive eyes, it is best to have the lash lift done by qualified professionals in reputable salons. Beautiful Revenge Salon is among the best specialists for lash lifts in New Jersey.

Lash Tint

A lash tint can be considered a semi-permanent dye job on lashing. Unlike a lash lift, a lash tint doesn’t lengthen, curl or increase the lash volume. Your lashes will appear darker, especially if your lashes are blond, but if you have dark lashes, there will be a minimal difference after applying the lash tint.

You may wonder how long applying an eyelash tint would take. Applying lash tint is a quick procedure that takes up to thirty minutes but could vary depending on the experience of the lash technician. The procedure involves the application of dye on the lashes, which sit undisturbed for about 10 minutes. The average cost of applying lash tint in New Jersey is between $40 and $75. At Beauty Revenge Salon, the cost is $40.

Your lash tint will last for about four weeks since the lashes will fall out, allowing the growth of new lashes. Thus, with time, your lashes appear lighter, losing their dark appearance. You should ensure the eye area is kept dry for 24 hours post-tinting. You should also consider using oil-free makeup remover and cream around the eye region.

Lash Lift & Tint

Do you need extended, dark, bulky, and glossy eyelashes? Then you should consider getting a lash lift and tint. The procedure is low maintenance and cost-effective in the long run. Your eyes will achieve a more relaxed look, giving you a youthful appearance. If you are looking for a lash lift and tint service in New Jersey, Beauty Revenge Salon offers a professional lash lift and tint at $150.

The treatment involves two processes done separately. The lash lift accentuates the lash appearance by curling the lash upwards, lengthening, and giving the eyes an open and bright look. On the other hand, the tint involves applying a semi-permanent dye. During the lash lift, silicone pads are placed on your eyelids and then lifted, followed by serum application.

The serum disintegrates the protein in the eyelashes, and then the lashes become molded onto a shield, taking shape. This is followed by applying a keratin-infused serum that conditions and restores the eyelashes. A tint is then applied, and the silicon pads are removed. The process is uncomfortable and might cause a little tearing. However, the final look is worth it.

Strip Lash Application

Strip lashes are false eyelashes covering the whole lash line using one pre-styled strip. The strip comes in one size that can be adjusted through cutting to fit different eye shapes. Application of strip lashes is quick and easy and can be easily maintained. Single strip can be worn up to 15 times. You can have your strip lashes installed for only $15 at Beautiful Revenge Salon by professional lash technicians.

Strip lashes are known for transforming eye appearance by making them have a more defined appearance. The strip lashes give a thick lash appearance creating an illusion of bigger eyes and an eye outline for the wearer. Wearing strip lashes is quick, saves time, and gives the eyes an instant refreshed look even after a period of exhaustion that is visible from the eyes.

Why Choose Beautiful Revenge Salon for Lash Lifting, Tinting, and Strip Lash Application?

Suppose you intend to accentuate your eye appearance with darker, fuller, glossy lashes. In that case, you can book an appointment at our salon for professional eyelash tinting, lifting, and strip lashes application in the shortest turnaround time. We will advise you appropriately on options that suit you based on your complexion, appearance, need, and request.

At Beautiful Revenge Salon, we pride ourselves on providing unmatched professional services to our clients. Our technicians have years of experience in their various expertise, and we promise unapparelled beauty services.