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Lash Lift Could see You Enjoy a Short Morning Routine

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Ever thought about how you could save money and time on your morning routine? Well, getting a lash lift could see you enjoy a short morning routine with smiley pockets. Mascara and extension eyelashes are great, but they are high maintenance.

Everything you need to know about lash lifts in Westwood, New Jersey.

What is a Lash Lift?

A lash lift is a semi-permanent curl on your lashes done using a chemical solution that makes your eyes pop. It’s a perm-like procedure done by a lash technician to make your lashes curl upward to their full length.

Based on the length of your lashes, you can choose your desired style. The process involves chemicals; it’s essential to check with the technician if you may have any reaction from the chemicals before you go for the procedure. In Westwood, New Jersey, you can get the best services here at Beautiful Revenge Salon.

Is a Lash Lift Safe?

It may sound scary because of the chemicals, but it’s perfectly safe and recommended by top lash artists. The procedure starts with making forty-eight appointment hours for professional salons before testing the chemicals out. If you don’t react with the chemical, go ahead and have the procedure. Nothing enters your eyes since you will close them during the entire process.

How Long Does Lash Lift Procedure take?

It takes between 25 to 50minutes, depending on your hair type. If your normal hair takes time to set, your lashes are more likely to take longer. That’s why it’s essential to let the technician know your hair thickness.

A perm lotion is applied to your eyes with a setting rod. The entire process can take approximately 50 minutes, from the beginning to the end.

You can choose your desired results more curly and according to the length of your lashes.

How Do You Maintain a Lash Lift?

A lash lift requires low maintenance. One important thing to watch out for is the first 2 hours of your lift. For more extended service, ensure you don’t wet your lashes from water, sweat, or anything that can get them.

When lashes get wet before the 24-hour lapse, it may weaken or ruin your curl. After that, you can apply mascara. However, avoid waterproof mascara and go for sticking water mascara. Hydrate your lashes with castor oil for stronger lashes, and use oil-free cleansers or removers. Keep your hands off your eyes and avoid rubbing your eyes too much.

How Long Does Lash Lift Last?

A lash lift can last from four to eight weeks, depending on the growth of your lashes. The faster your lashes grow, the shorter the lift will last. Keep your lashes well-nourished, as this ensures they last longer.

How Much Does Lash Lift Cost?

Treatment differs with location and the services you need. It’s affordable, worth every penny, and the results are outstanding.

Are you ready for a lash lift? We’ve got you covered at Beautiful Revenge Salon in Westwood, New Jersey, for a safe and reliable procedure.

Here are our prices:

Lash Services

  • Lash Lift – $120
  • Lash Tint – $40
  • Lash Lift & Tint – $150
  • Strip Lash Application – $15


  • Blowout Package – 4 for $100
  • Single Process Package – 5 for $275


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