Everyone looks forward to healthy and vibrant hair. It is one of the physical attributes that boost your confidence and self-esteem and reflect your overall health. However, with quality and suitable hair care products, it is impossible to grow healthy and vibrant hair. A great hair salon is a great necessity in the growth and maintenance of healthy hair.

What is Brazilian Blowout?

The Brazilian Blowout is an increasingly transformative and life-changing hair treatment that aims at promoting intense shine in your hair while minimizing frizz. The procedure uses a liquid keratin formula that bonds to your hair, creating a protective layer around each strand. The results include no frizz-sealed cuticles that protect your hair from external damage. After applying the liquid, the hair is blow-dried, straightened, rinsed out, and re-blow dried. The role of the heat is to activate the chemicals and allow them to bond to the shaft.

The name results from the origin of the smoothing treatment – Brazil – and it uses a range of indigenous ingredients popular in Brazil. These ingredients include annatto seed, Camu Camu, and açai berry. The procedure leaves your hair highly hydrated, less frizzy, more resilient to heat styling, and most importantly, an intense glossy and mirror-like shine.

Does the Brazilian Blowout Make Your Hair Completely Straight?

The outcome of your Blowout depends on how long your stylist flat irons your hair. The process uses a 450-degree flat iron, and the more the stylist flat irons your hair, the straighter it becomes. Therefore, this procedure allows you to choose how to wear your hair, whether straight or curly. However, you must be clear with your stylist on what you want to allow them to customize the look for you, whether smoother or to preserve the texture.

How Long Does the Brazilian Blowout Last?

The Brazilian Blowout is a durable procedure that lasts between three to four months and possibly longer if you don’t wash it too often. However, it would help if you restrained from shampoos that contain chlorine and sulfates. Once the treatment wears off, your natural hair curl pattern is restored, beginning from around the hairline. This is the first indicator you need a retouch. Fortunately, the Brazilian Blowouts don’t show obvious demarcation boundaries between the new growth and the previously treated hair like most straightening or relaxation methods do. So, you have a few days to wear your hair as you wait for your hair appointment.

Is the Brazilian Blowout Safe?

Despite being safe on most hair types, you should stay wary of this treatment if you have textured hair, possibly damaging for the latter. It would be best to be mindful of the heat amount you use in textured strands considering that different sections may react differently – the heat may hit one area more intensely than the other, causing breakage and damage.

How Long Does the Brazilian Blowout Take?

The Brazilian Blowout takes between an hour to an hour and a half, depending on your hair volume and thickness. The stylist begins by shampooing your have, which takes three to four minutes – to remove all products from the hair and create a base for treatment adherence. They then work section by section, applying the treatment from root to tip before blow-drying it smooth. The next step is to seal it with a 450-degree preheated flat iron, reshampoo to rinse out the treatment and apply the deep conditioning mask. The final step is to re-blow dry the hair smooth, and you are good to go.

Can You Get a Brazilian Blowout on Colored Hair?

Brazilian Blowout is a safe treatment for colored hair, considering that it seals off the hair shaft – which means more vibrance for longer. Coloring your hair and getting the Brazilian Blowout is, in fact, the best option as the cuticle is already open from the coloring process. However, it would be best to let your colorist know your intention to get the Brazilian Blowout, as doing one procedure after the other makes the color brighter.

What should you do after getting the Brazilian Blowout?

The Brazilian Blowout doesn’t have as many restrictions as the post-keratin treatment routine. Your life remains normal as before the procedure as long as you stay away from chlorine and sulfate shampoos. You can also wait before washing your hair since the treatment is rinsed off at the salon.

Benefits of Beautiful Revenge Hair Salon

Salons are nothing new in the world of self-care – hair, and skin. These places are the perfect way to let professionals pamper you take care of your hair and skin, leaving you relaxed and beautiful. Besides, they are convenient for people without adequate hair care and maintenance skills and those with busy schedules – which denies them a chance to DIY. If you haven’t visited a hair salon before or don’t do so regularly, below are some of the benefits of coming to Beautiful Revenge Hair Salon:

Stress Relief

In the modern busy and monotonous world that mainly revolves around work and family, the risk for stress and depression is higher than in the previous years. So, it would be great to invest in effective stress relief techniques – one of them is the hair salon. Besides caring and maintaining your hair – styling, cutting, treating, and coloring – these salons also offer other self-care services. The secret to relieving your weekly stress and pressure from home and work is to dedicate a few hours to your salon appointments where you can get spa and massage services, get your hair styled appropriately, your face professionally done, and waxing. In the end, you unwind and relax, leaving you ready for a new week.

Quality Hair Care Products

Your hair’s health depends on the choice and quality of the products you use. Reputable hair salons offer premium hair care products that protect you from hair loss and thinning – thereby promoting its growth. Besides, these professionals are trained in determining your hair type and the most suitable products.

Get a New Look

Hair salons offer a range of hair services, from styling to cuts, treatment, and coloring, among others. Like a new outfit, a new hair look brings more confidence, enhancing your interaction with those around you and performance at work. There are countless hairstyles you can choose from perming to bleaching, coloring, rebonding, and blowouts, among others. Overall, our salon is home to an increasingly popular hairstyle –Brazilian Blowout, NJ.