Hairdressers are gifted with the ability to do various hairstyles that meet their client’s expectations. The service is regarded as a work of art, and hairdressers should have a heart of compassion and vision to help their customers achieve their lifestyle goals. Therefore, before you visit a hair salon in New Jersey, you need to know the qualities to expect in a good hairdresser.

This article reveals the major qualities that allow hairdressers to do their work with authority and professionalism. In addition to the knowledge they acquire during training, hairdressers need to have certain key qualities that separate the good from the bad.

A Knack for Listening

As a good hairdresser, you need to listen to your customers to understand their needs fully by putting yourself in their shoes. Many customers may be willing to share their challenges and successes with you. You should show them your consideration and continue the conversation without taking sides.

Especially when a customer comes for the initial consultation, you should clarify everything regarding the service they want. This can help you avoid any miscommunication. Ensure that you and your customer are on the same page before starting the actual work. Punctuate the session with a smile and relevant questions while repeating the answers for clarity.

Tact and Kindness

A major component of making the best recommendations as a hairdresser is to know what to do in what situations. Your customers will be unique at all times, so you should be conversant with different hairstyles, facial shapes, and colors that match skin tone and personality.

For instance, a photo of a model in a magazine may impress a client, and she wants you to replicate that exactly on her. If you think the style won’t suit your client, you need to convey the message tactfully without hurting her. Remember, one bad review from one maltreated client is enough to bring your business down.

You must express a gentle persuasion spirit while dealing with your clients without killing their interests. For example, you can use different ways to say one thing, but remember to deliver the message kindly.

A Good Hairdresser is a Quasi Therapist

When clients visit a hair salon, they expect to find a hairdresser and have their hair done. However, little do they know that a hairdresser is a quasi-therapist. As a hairdresser, you work on your client’s outward appearance, which can influence the person’s self-confidence.

Imagine a new client coming to you for the first time and trusting you with how they look. To win your clients’ confidence, you need to establish a smooth initial bond that creates a level of comfort. This relationship makes you an extension of your client’s circle of close friends.

Additionally, a good hairdresser should remain compassionate to build a deeper connection with customers through casual conversation and kindness. They should not only focus on the income the clients bring but also their concerns and their personalities. This can help them increase the level of trust with clients leading to a return of business.


Good hairdressers are honest. Apart from understanding different facial shapes and hairstyles that complement their clients’ natural features, they need to be honest and tell their clients what looks good on them. They should also provide recommendations to develop a style that suits the person’s unique fashion sense.

Honesty means the hairdresser should be able to identify what fits the customer. This is one way to develop a cordial relationship with the client even months later. For instance, many salons receive complaints from customers revolving around sticker shock.

This complaint often arises because most customers are unaware of what something costs. Many hairdressers fail to include extra costs in the prices they tell their clients. An unexpected cost in pricing could ruin the relationship between a hairdresser and clients.

Professionalism and Talent

Competent hairdressers know they should continue their education to perfect the techniques they learned in cosmetology. With time, they create their unique methods based on their acquired knowledge. Notably, some states even require additional coursework to renew cosmetology licenses.

Qualified hairdressers should prepare their tools and workstations to ensure everything is ready and neat. All the equipment should be clean and easily accessible to avoid wasting time during operation. Similarly, good hairdressers are concerned about their appearance because it also affects their opinion of the customer.

A qualified hairdresser is an artist with a vision to see the final picture in their mind before they even start. The person should be detail-oriented and have an eye for what looks good and what doesn’t. Expert hairdressers know how to braid, where to cut, and which color to use for each client. Besides, they are familiar with their tools and understand how to use them at different steps.

Overall, expert hairdressers embrace the knowledge they acquired in school and a knack for style and design to give the best look to each of their customers. They can see how the facial features, forehead shape, and other factors may influence the appearance of a certain haircut.

Therefore, to give their clients the best service, great hairdressers know how to match their customers with the best styles to improve or suppress natural features like the forehead width, ear size, or jaw-line length.

Hairdressers are artists, and all of them promise to deliver good service. However, only a few live up to this promise. The difference lies in the qualities mentioned in this article. Some hairdressers know how to listen and put themselves in their client’s shoes, while others don’t. Some know how to make honest and kind recommendations. Others don’t. Overall, good hairdressers always look forward and keep learning to grasp new trends and techniques.

These qualities separate good hairdressers from bad ones. Before you walk into a hair salon, you should research the type of hairdresser you might have to deal with. If you’re looking for the best hair salon in New Jersey, look no further than Beautiful Revenge Salon.