Is it me, or does everyone have a thing about eyes? I mean, eyes are the first thing people notice when they look at us. And I know you want to give that princess look when they look at you. That right there is the reason you need a lash lift. A lash lift will make your eyelashes appear longer with an excellent lifting effect, making your eyes look gorgeous. A lash lift does not damage your lashes but makes them seem thicker, fuller, and longer. At Beautiful Revenge Salon, we offer lash lift services in New Jersey. So, in today’s article, we give tips to make your lash lift longer and look better, i.e., proper aftercare tips.

Skip Water and Make Up for 24 hours

We recommend avoiding water and makeup products for at least 24 hours after your treatment – and longer if possible. You want to keep your lashes dry to ensure that the bond and curl have the appropriate time to settle and adequately form. During the first 24 hours, your lashes are still relatively flexible and susceptible to outside elements.

We also recommend coming to your lash appointment with a clean face and avoiding washing or getting water around your eyes within the first twenty-four hours post-treatment.

Additionally, skip the gym and the sauna, and avoid standing over any boiling pots – basically, keep your lashes away from any and all moisture. The best thing you can do after a lash treatment is to get in your car, call in-home delivery, sit on the couch and have a night in. Definitely a good excuse for some me-time.

Don’t pair your lifts with other treatments

Other beauty treatments like face masks, peels, and exfoliants may have harsh ingredients that interfere with the bonding process. Plus, these treatments inevitably require you to use water at some, which we are avoiding at all costs. Give your lash treatment a few days till the bond is secure. Then, you can use your favorite mask, exfoliant, or facial treatment.

Use gentle and mild care skin products

After your lash treatment procedure, we recommend using only gentle, oil-free skin and body products. Avoid anything that might irritate your eyes or skin or interact with the bond. The fewer harsh chemicals you use on your skin, the better. Harsh products might cause your lashes to droop earlier than they should. Space out intense skincare products in your routine, using those for sensitive skin for a while.

  • Avoid harsh ingredients like alcohol and sulfates.
  • After washing your face, gently pat the area around your eyes with a towel.

Invest in good quality lash serum or conditioner

Since a lash lift is a chemical process, show your eyes some extra love by keeping them conditioned and nourished. This is because any chemical treatment can dry your lashes; hence, it’s vital to help your follicles recover. Using lash conditioner and serums makes your lashes softer, suppler, and healthier, making your lift last longer. Generally, it’s essential to care for your lashes because healthy lashes are beautiful.

  • When buying lash serums, look for ingredients like polypeptides, biotin, antioxidants, and panthenol, which stimulate growth and promote stronger lashes.
  • Sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, and castor oil are great lash conditioners and cheaper options if you don’t go for store-bought serums.

Avoid waterproof mascara

A lash lift treatment will give you an effortless and natural look. Your lashes will appear so full that you won’t require the added mascara. We recommend lash lifts as a way to skip eye makeup altogether. However, if you must, wait at least 24 hours following your treatment. Waterproof mascara formulas bond so strongly to your lashes and require a lot of rubbing to remove. Again, if you must use mascara, stick with water-based mascaras. Be gentle when you remove your mascara at the end of the day. You can take this as your opportunity to save on that mascara cost. Use a gentle, oil-free makeup remover to take off mascara.

Sleep on your back

If you sleep on your stomach or side, you’re probably subjecting your lashes to some funny position’s hours at a time. Unluckily, this pressure can weaken your lift more quickly or cause your lashes to lose their shape. In an effort to keep your curl shape as long as possible, we recommend you sleep on your back for a few days. However, if you wake on your stomach occasionally, it is not the end of the world. Lash lifts are much tougher than extensions, which require you to be super careful when you sleep.

Brush your lashes every day

Lifts add so much length to your lashes that they can get tangled. So, when you wake in the morning, take a few minutes to gently brush your lashes upward with a makeup-free lash brush to help in their formation. This also helps them appear fluffy and neat. You can best do this when the lashes are wet – after washing your face or after a shower.

Extra tips

  • For the best results, apply a lash serum or conditioner to your lashes for several weeks before your lift. This way, your lashes will be as healthy and strong as possible during the treatment.
  • For more dramatic results, ask your stylist to apply tint during the process to darken your lashes.


Use these tips to keep your lash lift looking longer and better. Remember also to follow the instructions given by your stylist. You don’t have to suffer with eyelashes when you can get yourself a lash lift.

So, welcome to Beautiful Revenge Salon, where we offer lash lift services in New Jersey. We are a team of professional stylists highly dedicated to giving you the best services. Here we empower you with looks to go out and conquer the world. You will walk out of our salon feeling beautiful and ready to make that statement eye contact. Check out our services here. Book your appointment with us today.