Hair Treatments


A combination of high-level salon services delivered by experts who are passionate about what they do – beauty becomes accessible all while staying luxurious!

Awapuhi Treatment

Get rid of unruly tresses or flawed colors using advanced techniques such as Awapuhi treatments specifically designed just for you!

Awapuhi Treatment is the perfect solution for those looking to get a bespoke look with their hair. We use only high-quality products that work with your specific needs and characteristics, as well as customized techniques to create unique looks tailored specifically for you.

During this treatment, Awapuhi’s nourishing shampoo is used, followed by an intense conditioning mask which helps hydrate while locking in moisture and giving added manageability and shine. This process also includes a refreshing scalp massage using therapeutic oils that leave skin feeling healthier than ever before!

Our exclusive Awapuhi treatments are designed to help rejuvenate dull locks without any harsh chemicals or additives so you can have gorgeous tresses long after leaving our salon! Get ready for beautiful results!

hair stylist blow drying woman's hair

Brazilian Blowout

Experience the Transformative Effects of a Brazilian Blowout at Beautiful Revenge Salon. Get Frizz-Free, Smooth, and Voluminous Results Instantly – Perfect for Any Occasion!

Unlike other treatments, we use advanced bonding technology to smooth the cuticle layer of each strand while keeping your natural curl pattern intact. The result? Natural-looking styles with smartly controlled frizz and lasting shine without overworking or damaging locks!

Professional stylists at Beautiful Revenge Salon are certified in this remarkable patented service which works on all types of hair, from fine to coarse, with no downtime whatsoever. Achieve glossy tresses for up to twelve weeks by infusing powerful conditioning agents into strands deep below its surface – leaving you with softer, smoother hair until your next appointment!

Get ready for healthy-looking locks free from harsh chemicals and damage caused by styling tools—all thanks to the luxurious Brazilian blowout experience brought right here to Westwood’s Best Hair salon – Beautiful Revenge!

Brazilian Blowout Hairline

Get Ready to Flaunt Your Sleek, Shiny Hair with Brazilian Blowout Hairline!

A revolutionary system that repairs, smooths, and strengthens your tresses while creating a protective shield around each strand to prevent future damage. Our unique keratin-infused treatment adds incredible shine and luster without harmfully altering its texture or color.

This advanced service drastically reduces frizziness, making it easier to style any look you desire! Plus, there’s no need for wait time before washing, so you can start enjoying beautiful, healthy hair right away!

stylist washing woman's hair
woman wearing a mask getting a hair treatment

Express Brazilian Blowout

Set the Trend with Salon-Quality Express Brazilian Blowouts!

No waiting days or weeks between applications like other services require. Make your locks incredibly soft, manageable, and undeniably beautiful. This is perfect for long-term results without any commitment whatsoever!

Specializing in all types of haircuts, from short bob sassiness to layered curls with polished movement – our highly skilled team will help create your ideal look every time. Even better: it’s safe on color-treated locks too!

Get ready to enjoy an effortless new style packed with bounce that looks sensational throughout the seasons!

Hair Botox

Leave Damage Behind and Show Off Healthy-Looking Strands!

Go beyond traditional treatments like perms or relaxers. Use Hair Botox to get more natural-looking results that don’t require frequent touch-ups – perfect if you’re short on time & want lasting shine from root to tip!

In addition to reducing frizziness & split ends while sealing down cuticles of the shafts and preventing damage due to brushing/styling created during drying procedures, this innovative process also acts as a light protein filler, which helps repair broken disulfide bonds caused by harsh chemicals like bleach leading into revitalized hairs visually transformed not known before until now!

Get ready for gorgeous tresses without spending too much time styling!

woman getting a hair botox treatment
woman getting her hair treated

Leaf & Flower

Unlock Your Inner Beauty with Powerful Nutrient-Rich Ingredients!

Developed with natural ingredients, this innovative formula helps rebuild the strength of your strands while promoting growth in damaged areas.

It also works to protect hair from environmental damage by creating an invisible barrier between the cuticle layer and styling products or heated tools. With its combination of high-quality molecules such as hydrolyzed wheat protein, coconut extracts, and olive oil esters, Leaf & Flower treatment provides lasting moisture without weighing down locks or making them greasy – it penetrates deep into every strand for enhanced hydration!

Plus, you’ll love how shiny and healthy your mane looks after just one application – leaving you feeling empowered to take on any challenge life throws at you with renewed confidence!


Look Your Best and Task the World by Storm!

Curl those unruly tresses into glossy ringlets or provide lift and definition to limp strands with bursting spiral shapes. No matter what type of perm is desired, from beachy waves, stackable curls, or smooth spirals, all are available at an affordable price!

We specialize in giving you a perfect look with our variety of amazing perming techniques. Our stylists have extensive experience when it comes to creating natural-looking, voluminous styles that last long after leaving the salon. With quality products tailored specifically toward each individual’s unique needs, we guarantee impeccable results every time.

Let us take care of transforming your image into something beautiful that reflects who you are!

woman getting her hair curled


Make Overdamaged or Thin Dull Locks a Thing of the Past!

Rewind is a specially designed hair treatment product that helps protect from damage due to environmental elements and extends the life of salon treatments. The formula contains an industrial-strength electrolyte complex, which fortifies your existing color or keratin treatment – helping it last for up to 10 washes.

With regular use, Brazilian Blowout REWIND replenishes essential nutrients in order to maintain healthy-looking locks with added protection against heat-styling devices like blow dryers and flat irons. Hair looks refreshed, vibrant, and lustrous after every single application!

woman getting her hair pampered by stylist

Curated by some of the leading stylists in town, get ready for an amazing makeover session at Beautiful Revenge Salon. We can help create exactly the style you are looking for – be it traditional cuts or on-trend looks – tailored just right according to your tastes & preferences so everyone is left satisfied & feeling fabulous after each visit here at Beautiful Revenge Salon! Book an appointment today!