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When it comes to your hair care, choosing the right hair salon is essential, especially when looking for a quality haircut and styling. If you have an eye for trending haircuts or styling, you can bet that choosing a high-end salon is the best option for quality services. The difference between high-end salons and typical hair care establishments is the quality of services.

For example, Beautiful Revenge Salon in Westwood, NJ, hires highly qualified and experienced barbers and stylists. As a result, our services are the most sought-after in the region.

Our Services

Men’s Haircuts

Hair care is a constantly evolving industry that has seen significant style changes over the decades. To succeed in this industry, one must keep upgrading their haircutting skills and styling expertise, and the experts at Beautiful Revenge Salon are keen on this. Whether you are looking for a trending or classic haircut, we got you covered.

Our salon has professional and highly experienced barbers, modern machines, and quality shampoo products. We boast a wide range of thoughtfully designed haircut packages to cover everyone, including kids, gents, and ladies.

Boys’ Haircuts (Below 10 yrs)

There are hundreds of haircut styles for young boys below teenage. While you can come up with your haircut ideas, Beautiful Revenge Salon offers clients various haircut ideas with photos. Some of the most common haircuts for boys include:

Medium and layered: You can consider a mid-length haircut if your long hair is hard to maintain. You can also consider adding some layers to give a defined appearance. Additionally, you can apply some styling products to make your haircut stand out. This haircut is also ideal for teenage boys.

Classic Kids Undercut: This classic haircut is popular and the most preferred in business and school environments. It is simple and perfect for almost everyone looking for an official appearance. But while it is considered the easiest haircut, it needs a talented stylist to bring it out perfectly, considering the client’s facial structure.

Taper Fade: If you are looking for modern boys’ haircuts, taper fade is the way. The hairstyle gives you multiple styling options. Unlike classic kids’ undercut, taper fade is ideal for holiday seasons or environments without hairstyle restrictions.

Men Haircuts

In addition to offering numerous boys’ haircuts, Beautiful Revenge Salon is reputable for providing exceptional men’s haircuts. Like boy haircuts, there are plenty of men’s haircuts. Whether you want a classic, official, or casual haircut, our salon has the most talented barbers and stylists to give you your stunning look. Check out some of the trending men’s haircut styles:

Crew Cut: A crew cut is a classic haircut that never gets old. It is a cropped men’s hairstyle that is perfect, whether long or short. It also gives you countless styling options.

Undercut Fade: Undercut is a classic haircut mostly preferred in a professional environment. It is a simple haircut that, combined with a perfect beard trim, gives you a stunning look. If you are looking for professional haircut services from experienced barbers, Beautiful Revenge Salon in Westwood, NJ, is your ideal destination.

Neat Curly Quiff: A neat quiff hairstyle is best for people looking to appear refined and polished. You will need a professional stylist to achieve a perfect neat curly quiff. It is ideal for gents preparing for a special event where they plan to look outstanding.

Regular Haircut: Sometimes, men find themselves unable to decide on the most appropriate haircut. In such a situation, choose a regular haircut provided it makes you look kept. It is simple and mostly perfect for any face shape.

Low Fade Spiky Top with Highlights: This is a popular men’s haircut where your stylist shaves your hair, leaving a weight of interest that shapes and adds style to your hair. To make it more stunning, you can add some highlights and unique designs such as signs, numbers, etc.

Gentleman’s Haircut: Gentlemen’s haircut is highly preferred by gents looking for elegant and sophisticated hairstyles. It makes you look neat in any environment, formal or casual.

Women and Girls’ Haircuts

All women and girls have specific hair length preferences, with some going for short hairstyles. However, women’s and girls’ haircuts require exceptional expertise, hence choosing professionals. The good news is that Beautiful Revenge offers options for women’s and girls’ haircuts where you can select either haircut only or haircut and blowout package.



Salon blowouts involve washing, conditioning, and drying your hair to achieve smooth, sleek, and voluminous hair. While you can wash and blow dry your hair from home, having a professional do the work is essential for maintaining healthy and quality hair.

Beautiful Revenge Salon offers various blowout packages to allow clients to choose the most appropriate, depending on their preferred hairstyle or price. For example, you can consider a full blowout package that involves various services, a revenge blowout, a straight blowout, or a blowout with a flat iron. You can also consider women’s and girls’ haircut package that includes blowout services. However, it is worth noting that the blowout packages are charged differently, with the straight blowout being the most affordable and the full blowout package being the most costly.


Hairstyles are constantly changing, with new ones taking over. As a result, hairdressers continuously upgrade or acquire new skills to catch up with the trending hairstyles. However, not everyone is attracted to trending hairstyles, meaning hairdressers must offer their clients a wide selection of styling options.

In Westwood, for example, customers have various styling choices. Whether you are looking for a flat iron, roller set, curly blow dry, or event curls, we have you covered. We also offer men’s bang and beard trim.

Customers have plenty of options when it comes to haircuts and styling. Beautiful Revenge Salon promises and delivers exceptional haircuts, quality blowouts, and classic and trending styling designs. Our services are also designed in various packages to suit everyone’s needs and budget.