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Central Factors in a Wedding is the Bridal Style

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June is coming up, and a lot of brides-to-be are planning their weddings. This idea goes back to Roman times since June was the month of the god Juno and his wife Jupiter (goddess of marriage and childbirth). There is a belief that when a couple gets married in June, they will be happy forever since it’s an auspicious month.

The couple can hire professionals to manage their wedding plans, but they can opt to DIY their wedding if the budget is tight. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming. A lot of preparation goes into it – looking for the perfect dress and shoes, selecting the wedding cake, managing the guest list, hiring a caterer, selecting venues, etc… Still, the most important is the bride’s hair and makeup.

One of the most central factors in a wedding is the bridal style. There are several sites to get inspiration from – Pinterest, Instagram, magazines, and bridal sites. Below is a brief history of bridal hair/makeup where you can get some ideas from:

In the early 1900s, bridal hair was piled up on the head after curling it with an iron. It was influenced by Parisian girls wearing hats and feathers. The 1920s evolved into sleek angled bobs. Women began to wear their hair longer in the 30s due to the Wall Street Market crash in 1929. During World War II in the 40s (which carried on to the 50s), curls were carried over to the bridal hair for practicality.

Beehives and big teased hairs were the trends in the 60s. Bohemian and hippie influences dominated the 70s. The 80s were all about bangs – the Princess Diana bangs. French rolls and elevated ponytails were the sleek parted style of the 90s. The 2000s had chignons and low-knotted buns.

Bridal Makeup a Trend?

The present is all about Kate Middleton’s half-up, half-down style with natural curls.

Similar to bridal hair, bridal makeup has evolved through the years. Vintage Hollywood stars inspired the 1950s with winged eyeliner, bronze, earth-tone eyeshadow, defined arched brows, and bold red lips. The 80s were all about colorful eyeshadow and bright pink lips.

Today’s makeup trends gear towards soft and natural looks with glowing skin. Eyeshadows with natural tones, subtle contouring, a bit of blush, and light lips.

Book in Advance

You should book your makeup artist at least around three (3) months in advance so you can discuss your preferred look/s, schedules, etc.​


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You Need to Be your Absolute Prettiest

Your wedding is one of the occasions in your life where you need to be your absolute prettiest. Wedding photos will be there forever. It should be the happiest day of your life, so you need to be glowing inside and out.